Advertise your Services

Since the dawning of digital era the rules of engagement for service providers have changed dramatically. Consumers now resort to classifieds and yellow pages for resolution day to day household quandaries and this has turned out to be a boon for opportunists.

However, what seemed to be a luxury until now has become a quintessential element to survive. Since internet has given service providers a new doorway to clients, the competition is also excruciating.

Well, Chao Desi is here to give a redefining boost of clients to your services. Chao Desi stands out amongst competition since it incorporates application of smart filters. These smart filters offer the most relevant search results to users based on their personal preferences, age, locality and interests.

This reduces friction between service providers in the same domain while offering an equal opportunity to all. Backed up by Big Data analytics and machine learning, we can help you reach a substantial amount of users every month.