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Chao Desi is an online classified platform that allows business owners and service providers to reach a surplus of consumers. While majority of our end consumers are Indian nationals residing in United States our clientele is far more sweeping.

We understand what it takes to successfully run a business and to hit the commercial mark you leave no stone unturned. While productivity and quality are the major factors that propel a venture, creating a pool of loyal customers is a strand that is inevitably essential. Chao Desi allows you to advertise your business online and you don’t need to squander a fortune to reach an unprecedented amount of audience to do so.

We have a reach of more than 2 million consumers and to advertise your business among the most affluent communities in the US will help you hit the challenging mark. With Chao Desi you get an exponential reach among your target audience. You can choose an appropriate spot from the premium ads post areas on to advertise your business.

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