Chao Connections

Chao connections is an effective social connectivity forum that gets you in touch with thousands of NRIs residing in the US. Nothing feels better than connecting with people from your homeland. Chao Connections gives you this opportunity.

Chao connections is also an excellent platform to enquire about day to day necessities and how to get hold of them in the US. There are several categories with tens of experts whom you can tap to gain information about topics including education, owning vehicles, green card, real estate and much more.

What more?! With Chao Connections you can connect with people residing in the US who share similar interests with you. We have community forums for photographers, music enthusiasts, automobile fanatics, books and readers, writers, dancers, and a lot more. You can also create groups on Chao Connections and connect with people from your area or your own friends! Wish to reunite with a long lost childhood friend?! Chao Connections is the place to be.

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