About Chao Desi

Are you an Indian residing in United States? Or perhaps you are traveling to the land of opportunities for a few weeks or months to try your luck. As dreamy as it is to be a part of Uncle Sam’s big plan, the cultural and social paradigm might get the best of you. The profound difference in cultural practice of the two countries is one thing, however the most challenging bit is to not let go of the proud Indian patrimony that so distinctly identifies us and distinguishes us from the rest of the world. Then comes the day to day challenges that pester us and might leave us clueless. Be it household services, day care, partaking in cultural practices or simply looking up for a decent Indian restaurant to satiate your love for spicy food, we have all faced challenges.

Yellow Pages

Our yellowpages section hosts contact details and information about hundreds of service providers across several categories that includes automobile services, daycare, travel, community events, real estate and a lot more.

We also have a section for day to day household services. Take a peek at Chao Desi!


Apart from yellow pages we also have a dedicated section for classifieds called Chao Market, which gives users an opportunity to buy and sell household goods, automobiles and several other goods both old and new.

You can also easily look up for roommates, travel companions and people with similar interests. Head on!

Chao Connections is our next set of benefaction that allows everyone to connect in real time. It is no less of a boon for Indians planning to travel to United States and those who have arrived in the country recently. You may not only connect with people from your social communities but you may also find solutions to complex formalities all through our spent contributors. Chao Connections has several categories for your ease. Explore Chao Connections now.

Now that you know so much about Chao Desi, go ahead and make the best use of it. Solutions to all your problems are just a few clicks away.

What We Do

At Chao Desi, our aim is to simplify day to day scuffles for our users. Our team is well versed with the technical aspects to do so as much as our marketing team is proficient in following the latest trends and drifts to come up with the most subtle and direct consumer products & services.

Who We Are

Chao Desi has hundreds of categories of services with thousands of vendors that cater specifically to the requirements of various Indian social communities all over the United State. Now that you know so much about Chao Desi, go ahead and make the best use of it.

How we Do it

Chao Desi is all about people. It's a one stop solution for every Indian residing in the US. Think of Chao Desi as a common ground between Indian requirements and United state supplies. We simply connect the dots and bring the Indian community together.